Private phone numbers, managed entirely via email
Here's how it works…
You get a private phone number.
Incoming texts and calls are routed to your email.
Email <number> to make calls or send texts.
Monthly – $4Yearly – $40
You get a private phone number, and can receive texts & calls over email.
Inbound calls are delivered as downloadable audio files.
The starter plan comes with credits for 50 text messages and 30 minutes of calls every month.
Monthly – $12Yearly – $120
You get everything in the starter plan, the ability to receive transcripts of incoming calls, and you can send texts and make calls via email.
The pro plan comes with credits for: 250 text messages, 60 minutes of calls, and 60 minutes of call transcription every month.
Monthly – $25Yearly – $250
You can do everything in the pro plan, manage the same phone number from multiple email addresses, and use a customized greeting for inbound and outbound calls.
The team plan comes with credits for: 1000 text messages, 60 minutes of calls, and 60 minutes of call transcription every month.
Why do I need this?

Sky's the limit! Here are a couple of examples:

  • Publish a phone number on social media or websites like Craigslist without revealing your personal number
  • You run a small business, campaign, or meetup and want to handle phone-based signups & outreach via email
  • You're introverted and prefer email to phone calls
  • Check your messages when you're working in an area with poor cell coverage
  • Use a service that requires phone numbers without revealing your personal number
What countries are supported?

You can reserve numbers from the USA at the moment. Let us know if you'd like to see your country on this list.

Can I make changes to my subscription?

Use the subscription manager to download invoices, change your payment method, or cancel your subscription entirely.

Do you store any of my data?

Recordings of incoming calls are stored for 14 days to give you time to access them. Apart from these recordings and your email address, no other data is stored.

Why should I pay for this?

We don't serve you ads, sell or data, or use your data in any way. The service is entirely supported by your subscription.

How do I send an outbound SMS or call?

Send an email to one of the following addresses, substituting the number you're trying to reach:

  • Text message: <number>
  • Phone call: <number>

Note that the target number is required to be in the E.164 format, which includes a plus sign and the country code, and has no spaces. Here's an example: +16175551212

What caveats should I be aware of?

Nothing's perfect, here are a few potential issues you may run into with Phoneless:

  • OTP delivery is not guaranteed, especially on larger websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Apple. You probably won't be able to use this service to register for a Whatsapp account, for example.
  • Outgoing text messages to short codes aren't supported.
Can anyone else see texts/calls to this number?

No, we give you a phone number that's entirely priviate. Each number is reserved against a single Phoneless subscription.

Can I choose the number I'm given?

Yes! Want a specific area code or a vanity number? We've got you covered!

Simply pick the Premium phone number option when placing your order, and we'll help you find the perfect phone number.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time, but you don't have to lose your number. We'll help you file a number portability request so you can continue using your number on a different service/carrier.

How many calls and texts can I receive?

Calls and text messages are metered using credits: each call minute uses one credit, as does each text message segment.

If you're on the pro plan or above, transcribing incoming calls to text uses up credits as well. Transcription is an involved process, so these credits are priced differently.

Note that credits are rounded up to the nearest minute, so a 30-second phone call uses up a full credit.

You can purchase more credits for text messages & calls or transcription at any point.

How long does it take to get started?

Reserving a number is a manual process (this helps combat spam) that typically takes up to an hour, but the process may sometimes take up to 12 hours during peak periods.

Feel free to contact us for a status update!

What happens to unused credits at the end of the month?

All unused credits roll over to the next month. You won't lose a credit until you actually use it.

Does Phoneless apply length limits?

By default, each outgoing text message is limited to 1000 characters in length, and each outgoing call is limited to 5 minutes. Please contact us if you need to raise these limits.